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11:29am 14/09/2006
  I'm selling a New Enrico Coveri purseX-posted  
11:12pm 04/02/2006

07:09pm 01/02/2006
  Turn $6 to $6000 using paypal!Collapse )  
02:19am 05/07/2005


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03:55am 31/01/2005
comment with your email address if you're interested.
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10:44am 27/11/2004

04:42pm 18/09/2004
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01:07am 15/09/2004
  Hi thought Id tell you about some communties that have quite a few members now. They are communties dedicated to female tennis players...

dokic - Jelena Dokic
_dementieva - Elena Dementieva
___kournikova Anna Kournikova

hot_athletes - thought Id throw this in too lol, this is my community which has quite a few members now, its all about sports stars that people think are beautiful/sexy/hot/gorgeous/good looking lol. Its for both male and female.
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03:37pm 13/09/2004
  Ever played squares?

If not, ya should. Most definately.

12:54pm 11/09/2004
  _dementieva - shes now through to the US Open 2004 final. Elena Dementieva Fans Unite!!  
12:39am 10/09/2004
  Join hot_athletes. This community is dedicated to discussing hot athletes and sports stars both male and female.
We post pictures, backgrounds, info, articles, discussions, avatars and icons. Come on over and tell us who your favourites are.
09:46am 07/08/2004
11:46am 07/07/2004
Do you have a neglected community? Realize that you're not much of a maintainer? Too busy to better your community?

Give it up for adoption!

Go to community_store, and place your community in the hands of someone who will care for it.

04:00pm 03/01/2004
  Are you a disgruntled food server/busser/bartender/host/hostess/cashier? If so, please check out yourcheck (click on little icon to view user info). A place to rant and rave and perhaps receive some tips on how to be nice to rude customers, etc.  
07:06pm 14/11/2003
Someone’s old snowboard (152-159 cm, ideally 155) that they don’t use anymore and would be willing to donate to a good cause.

The Good Cause:
A poor, inexperienced (at riding) female Johnson State College freshman . Note: an “instructor” may also be needed.

If you are feeling generous, please leave a comment. Thank you.
02:01pm 09/10/2003

Are you a caffeine junkie?
Find out here.
Already aware that you are one?
Join here.
06:49pm 06/08/2003
mood: hyper
Hiya! My names Jiruri, and I'm new to the community. -^^- I'm also kinda hyper at times, so be somewhat prepared. o.o' Okai, stuffage I'm addicted to :
Guys: Heh, it's very typical. Can't help it, though. Love most things about them. ^^
Boxers: I can't get enough of nice boxers. I've been known to lift up unsuspecting lads' shirts and peek in their pants to see what they're wearing. XD
Resident Evil games: I've beaten almost all of them more than 50 times each. I've even beat them all - one after the other - in one night. That was when there was only 1-3 and Gun Survivor though. ^^'
Evil blondes: Highly addicted. They're just so yummy. *_____*
Sleep: 18 hours and I'm good. -^^-
Icees: Got to be the best non-alcoholic drink ever created. *__*
Well, that's all I can think of right now. Woot. ^^
...My view on addictions, and my addictions! 
05:25pm 04/07/2003
  Hey, I just joined and my name's Steve. I figured I'd share how I felt about addiction and some of the things I'm addicted to. :)

If you think about it, you are addicted to things you enjoy, like a bag of potato chips. If you all of a sudden find a specific type that you love, you'll buy them repeatedly and eventually you'll get bored of them.

If you find a video games you like, you'll play it non stop.
If you love candy, you'll spend lots of money on it :)

The darker side...
Cigarettes, weed, cocaine, crack , marijuana, alcohol...All are addicting and people claim they only do it once in a while which is fine, but what makes you want to do it again? The fact that makes you feel good. YOur mind is calling you back to that feeling. That's how I look at it anyway :)

To get to my addictions, I enjoy caffeine and consume it on a regular bases. I also find myself smoking off and on. I've been doing so since 6th grade, in september I'll be in 11th grade. It's like I can go without it and not suffer withdrawal symptoms, but I do it anyway. Anyone who smokes, have you ever noticed the one cigarette after you eat makes it so much better? Well, that's just me. I'l also addicted to buying CDs. I have over 300 of them...Well, that's All I gotta say for now.
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11:41pm 05/11/2002
mood: bouncy
I am addicted to my David. He is the first thing I think about in the morning and all throughout the day. Sometimes I don't do work for school or work for anything else because I am so caught up in him and his aura. He makes me feel complete.

Some people may call it infatuation. After a little over half a year I called it an addicting obsession...

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05:39pm 08/10/2002
  Hehe, I have to say I'm addicted to joining communities as well, I'm in over 200, I'm on a spree of updating in all of them at the moment too, so, I guess you might well be seeing me around the place quite a bit. The thing is, people think I'm sad for joining them, but I only join the ones I know I'll post in sometime or another. So, yes.

I'm also addicted to writing big, long, rambly posts on LiveJournal, I've been known to annoy people with the length of my posts and quite a few people have deleted me because of the lenghty updates.

As well as this, I'm addicted to the males species, even though I have a boyfriend, I'm a flirt on the Net, and off the Net I'm shy, but I always notice the attractive guys around town. Sad? Yes. Typical teenager? Also yes.

Also, I'm addicted to music, I love lots of different types of music, mostly Queen, The Beatles and Nirvana, but a lot of other artists too, including pop, punk, rock, classical, ska and rap. I have an eclectic taste ;)

Anyway, might post again soon, depends on how many other things I can think of that I'm addicted to...

Ohh! Coca Cola, toast and bananas, chips and gravy and chocolate! And! English and Australian accents...mmm.
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