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...My view on addictions, and my addictions!

Hey, I just joined and my name's Steve. I figured I'd share how I felt about addiction and some of the things I'm addicted to. :)

If you think about it, you are addicted to things you enjoy, like a bag of potato chips. If you all of a sudden find a specific type that you love, you'll buy them repeatedly and eventually you'll get bored of them.

If you find a video games you like, you'll play it non stop.
If you love candy, you'll spend lots of money on it :)

The darker side...
Cigarettes, weed, cocaine, crack , marijuana, alcohol...All are addicting and people claim they only do it once in a while which is fine, but what makes you want to do it again? The fact that makes you feel good. YOur mind is calling you back to that feeling. That's how I look at it anyway :)

To get to my addictions, I enjoy caffeine and consume it on a regular bases. I also find myself smoking off and on. I've been doing so since 6th grade, in september I'll be in 11th grade. It's like I can go without it and not suffer withdrawal symptoms, but I do it anyway. Anyone who smokes, have you ever noticed the one cigarette after you eat makes it so much better? Well, that's just me. I'l also addicted to buying CDs. I have over 300 of them...Well, that's All I gotta say for now.
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